Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Walking through Galicia

So far it has been very pretty & I´ve enjoyed the walk, except for one thing. We are walking mostly through farm land, and that means cows & other farm animals with the attendant smells.

Ordinarily, this would not bother me, but a little over a year ago, I was in San Angelo, at the concentration camp CPS set up at the Colisseum there, just after a livestock show they had not cleaned up after. The room where we were allowed to see our clients was part of a showbarn, that had dirty hay filled with just about everything you can imagine, PLUS and ungodly amount of chemicals on top of it. It was, simply, disgusting & made many of us sick.

That´s what the smell of rural Galicia reminds me of, and it brought back a lot of memories & feelings about the FLDS case that I´d rather not have to deal with. I am still quite angry at just how low CPS sank & just what they were trying to accomplish...for all their blathering about "saving" the children, what they were really trying to do was commit genocide. The Constitutional rights of the children & the mothers were completely ignored, they were forced from their clean homes at gun point, loaded on to buses & locked up in dirty, filthy concentration camps in & around San Angelo. And then when none of them expressed gratitude for being "saved" & left in those dumps, CPS began to lie about them.

I have long believed & will always stand by this statement: In April 2008, the Nazis were alive & kicking in San Angelo, Texas. Thank God for the FLDS & everyone else in this country that several attorneys (self included) from 2 different legal aid organizations stood up to them & stopped them cold in their tracks.

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