Saturday, September 5, 2009

I didn´t know the climb to Alto del Perdon came with a floor show

Okay, fans, I haven´t let you down. I´ve already outdone my previous "get stuck in the bra" routine. Today on the climb down from the Alto del Perdon (see photo at left), an incredibly sensitive area of my anatomy started to itch like crazy. And I couldn´t do a thing about it. Except of course, put down my pack, do a quick right-left, then relieve the itch as much as possible. Of course, I didn´t realize there was a damn blind spot & so once I was done, imagine my surprise to see 3 very shocked elderly German men staring at me. Ooops. Welcome to Uterga, mein herrs! At least they got a good laugh out of it & didn´t say anything at the next bar (although they did buy me a coke).

I am now in Puente la Reina, waiting for my friend Christina. We got separated again, this time by a nice woman & her husband who all but kidnapped me off of the camino, forced me into their car, & dropped me off in Puente la Reina. I am not kidding about that--they would not take no for an answer, although I am saying this in jest. They were wonderful people, who took the time to go slowly so we could find Christina & give her a ride too, but she had already left the road & was back on the Camino somewhere near Obanos.

I decided I didn´t want to arm wrestle my sleeping bag today, so I haven´t released it from captivity. Rule #1 of snagging a good bed is unrolling your sleeping bag, so any bed without an unrolled bag is fair game. However, I´ve found a loophole--I put my stinky boots on the bed, as well as my backpack & other things that look manky (but aren´t--I do have to sleep there after all).

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