Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And now a word from Hape Kerkeling

(thanks to Rebecca on the Pilgrimage to Santiago forum, who responded to my March of the Damned comment yesterday) it´s not cool to quote Hape Kerkeling on this forum, but here’s his bit on Calzadilla:
"I ... use the denim shirt for hiking and the city shirt, obviously, for the city. But here in Calzadilla, I leave my denim shirt on. Not only is it barely a city, but I’m still mad at the place because it hid from me until the last minute.” A page or two earlier he says “I’d sooner drag myself over the Pyrenees in the fog than try this part again.”

I haven´t cared much for Mr. Kerkeling before, but this passage is right on the mark. Yes, I would rather haul my butt over the Pyrenees in the cold & fog than walk that 17.8 km stretch of hell again.


  1. Just a quick hi since I was checking on you again. Love reading and give you LOTS of credit for doing something so hard. Also my nephew said to count at least 3 pints of blood toward you goal. He and two co-workers donated last week. He does it about every 8 weeks and get harassed by the Red Cross in between(O- is a hot commodity)so will try to remember to tell you so you can count it. He liked the idea of doing it towards someone's goal.

  2. Thanks Cindy! Tell your nephew thanks from me!!

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