Sunday, September 6, 2009


I´ve made it to Lorca, the small albergue on the right hand side of the street. Long hot day, dusty, boring, nothing really to see past Cirauqui, so decided early on to pack it in here. I´ll take the bus to Estella tomorrow, or even on to Los Arcos. I don´t feel too guilty about it since I have already walked this stretch.

The Roman bridge after Cirauqui needs some serious repair work. It was bad 2 years ago & now it is almost impassable. With all the money the Amigos del Camino are spending for Holy Year next year, my advice to them would be to either pour some of that into reconstructing this bridge or waymarking a new way out of town. I´m surprised no one has been seriously injured on it yet.

There was a young woman named Amaya who parked her van on the camino just before Lorca & offered passing pilgrims fresh bread, fruit, & water (with ice!) all for a donativo. Not too many were taking her up on her offer though, but I sat down & joined her & Heather from New Zealand for a bit. Then off for another couple of kilometers to Lorca.

Took me a bit longer to get here because of the rocky paths (up & down) & that were also constructed like a logic or chess game. You had to keep looking 2 or 3 steps ahead.....if I put my left foot here, then my right goes here, then my left....and on & on & on.