Friday, September 18, 2009

Another short day

Awful night last night. I kept getting bitten by something that left horrific welts, especially one under my left eye. I had gotten them before in Belorado, but washed everything in the laundry in Burgos (including the sleeping bag) & was bite-free for several days. Now I´ve got them all over me again & no laundry in sight, other than handwashing, which doesn´t work. I noticed though that I got bit on the night that 2 particularly dirty peregrinos stayed in the same room with me in Belorado & there they were again last night in Castrojeriz. So when they mentioned in Itero that they were headed towards the same albergue I was tonight, I thought no way & stopped walking here, yet another 10k day.

Tomorrow will be 13k, as there is a new albergue in Fromista I want to check out. Plus that will get me set up quite nicely for a few final stages across the meseta to Leon.

Saw a film crew & I just bet they were very impressed with my direct from the Paris cat walks Peregrina outfit complete with Altus rain poncho (that has room for my back pack so I look like Quasimodo would if he were a Smurf.) It´s all the rage! Will be on the cover of Vogue next week. Strike a pose!