Saturday, September 19, 2009

So the dirty pilgrims are carting bed bugs

Wish I could find them & give them the bill for all the damn laundry I´ve had to do today, as well as getting grilled by the hospitalero in this new albergue. I completely understand why they are being very careful & warned them about these 2 dirty pilgrims. I saw them again in Boadilla at the wonderful place there, with the same girl who slept on the bunk above me in Belorado. No wonder I got bed bugs then. It´s a wonder they aren´t covered in marks themselves! I wasn´t bitten last night at all & hopefully today I will be rid of the dang things as most of my clothes are now in the washing machine & my sleeping bag is on the clothes line, after being sprayed down with repellent. If I can get away with it, I´ll keep it in its compression sack for the remainder of the camino, or at least until I can find a public laundry & give it another once-over.

Nice walk today, the sun was out, but not too hot. The wind was not too cold. The sky was beautiful & blue, with few clouds (and no rain!). I had the camino mostly to myself, since I didn´t get up until 7, like most in the albergue in Itero last night. Tomorrow it´s on to Carrion & the flat part of the meseta. And oh yeah, once more, it was 10k in 2 hours.

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