Monday, September 14, 2009


It´s been known for sometime that Martin Sheen & his son Emilio Estevez are working together on a film about the Camino. Yesterday, a few pilgrims met Emilio in San Juan de Ortega, scouting locations. Sounds like the film is on its way to being created.

Two nights ago, I was in Villoria de la Rioja, at a very small albergue run by Acacio & Orietta. Eight of us overall spent the night there. It was wonderful not having to get up until 7 (we were under strict orders not to). In fact, several Germans left after being told that they could not leave at 5 like they wanted to. Hooray, no plastic bag rustling in the middle of the night! Acacio & Orietta made us a nice meal & breakfast in the morning. The night was very peaceful--no snoring or bag rustling or talking. We just all hit the hay & went to sleep.

The next morning, I walked with Antonio from Barcelona to Belorado, where we parted. Can I say that I rock?? I walked 10k in 2 hours. Yes, I rock. It´s my birthday! It´s my birthday! Go me! Go me! He went on to Villafranca Montes de Oca, while I stayed behind at Cuatro Cantones in Belorado.

They made us dinner there too & when they read off the menu, I just couldn´t pass it up for one dish alone--cream of pumpkin soup. O.M.G. it was sooo good. The meal overall was very good too, but the soup. MMmmmmmmmmmm

I was seated at a table with 3 Spaniards, Roman, Paloma, & her sister Inines (???). Inines insisted that I speak only in Spanish, so that gave me a work out, but I understood what they said. They were very nice people, but unfortunately, their Camino ended in Belorado yesterday, and they are on their way home to Madrid & Cadiz. I´m sad because it would have been nice to see them at the end of each day, to talk over the camino & other things.

I am now in Burgos & got yelled at by a shirty hospitalero for daring to check into the albergue after (gasp) taking the bus from Belorado. I got mad because this very same shirty guy had already checked in about 4 people who were on the same bus as I was, but didn´t say anything to them! Other than that, the new albergue here is nice, similar to the new one in Santo Domingo.

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