Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I´m sorry, what´s today´s date?

I´m losing track of time, as well as the day of the week. Is this Wednesday or Thursday? Most days it´s hard to guess, but if it´s not siesta & the stores are all closed, then most likely it is Sunday. All I know about today is that it´s not Sunday because stores are open.

I´ve discovered a couple of things along the way this time. (By the way, I am in Hontanas, & yes I am taking my sweet time about it. I have about 9 or 10 more days of goofing off before I need to get myself to Sarria & get serious about this compostela thingy). Anyway, back to what I´ve discovered:

(1) I have waaaaaay too many slow Barry Manilow songs on my iPod. And my iPod has a very wicked sense of humor. Oh, so you want me to shuffle the songs so you can walk the last 5 clicks to Hontanas in good time? Ok, here´s every slow Barry Manilow song you´ve got on here. How´s that for shuffling?? No Livin on a Prayer, Theme from Rocky, or high school fight song for you. Here´s the 3rd version of Mandy you have on here, along with Could it be Magic, with a few really slow classical songs thrown in for good mix. I´ll save all the up-tempo stuff for when you´re trying to sleep.

(2) The Little People like to fool peregrinos by moving towns further away as we walk. However, once we spy the towns we are aiming for, they can´t move them anymore. Ha ha. And before you think I´m completely nuts, I would like to have you know that every other peregrino I¨ve told this theory to believes the same thing. So there.

(3) There are a lot of things I am very angry about and with very good reason. But most of all I am angry that I allowed myself to be misused, abused, mistreated FOR YEARS by an employer that never really gave a rat´s ass for me in the first place. So much so, that despite the fact that I worked for them for 11 years practically by myself, with few resources & did a damn fine job of it in spite of everything, I have yet to receive a phone call or an email from the executive director to say good bye & wish me well AND my so-called exit interview was more about how I could help said former employer use the local women´s shelter to get more grant money they have absolutely no intention of using in Laredo. So, yeah, if you get the idea that I won´t be doing you any favors in this lifetime, you´re absolutely right.


  1. Do you have any trouble charging your Ipod at the albergues? I sure want to take my mp3 player with me next year. I love to float across the ground with chant and medieval music transporting me as I walk. (Manilow would not be my choice!)
    Be good to those Little People, now, and best wishes.

  2. No, no problem with recharging. Some places (newer ones mostly) have outlets by your bunk so you can recharge whatever without having to leave it in the bathroom or kitchen. (Burgos springs to mind, but I´ve seen them other places as well)