Friday, September 11, 2009

Sorry for the delay

but I didn´t realize that it´s been several days since I last posted. I am now in the wonderful albergue at Santo Domingo. Brand new, just opened in May or June of this year. Fantastic new mattresses on the bunks, spacious bathrooms, huge kitchen, an actual living room with comfy sofas, and a nice internet room with new computers, 1 Euro for 1 hour. And it´s all for a donativo! (this does not, however, mean that it´s free)

So far, because of the heat, I haven´t been walking as far as I planned, but it seems that the hot weather is going away, so tomorrow, I´m aiming for Belorado, then taking the bus to Burgos on Sunday.

Have met many people from all over--Hungary, Uruguay, France, Spain, the Canary Islands, Germany, Ireland, & Denmark. And several Australians, most of whom come from Perth, amazingly enough.

This town is really neat, the cathedral even has chickens in it (their understudies live in the garden outside)! I´m going to check out the cathedral later today.

One gripe about Najera--the signage is very poor & the way into town makes it seem as though you are walking around it three times before you can get in. Makes for very hard walking in the heat. To get to the albergue, turn left immediately after crossing the bridge. Don´t follow the waymarks because you´ll go all over hell & back before finally reaching the albergue.

As I was leaving Logrono, in the park, I came across a man who calls himself "El Peregrino Pasante." He even has a sign that he puts above the table he sits at in the park, and another smaller sign that says "The pilgrim office is this way" or something like that. Reminded me so much of Lucy van Pelt´s "The Doctor is In" except El Peregrino Pasante didn´t charge 10 cents for the stamp.

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