Thursday, September 17, 2009

It pays to be nice to doggies & kitties

because you never know when their person is the bar owner, who will give you loads & loads of (almost) free food because you took time to play with the doggie & kitty before ordering lunch.

I am now in Castrojeriz, kicking back after burning up 10km in 2 hours again. Me FTW! I´m going to play around for a few more days, take a rest in Leon, then off to Sarria for the Great Galician Gallop!

BTW, I get the feeling I am talking to myself, so please leave me a short message to let me know you stopped by. I haven´t heard anything from anyone in weeks and am getting a bit worried that you all have fallen off the face of the planet.


  1. I have been enjoying reading your blogs. nice hotels, bus rides and hard walking. But I am not good on commenting but am this time so that you know the blogs are being read!!!!!!

  2. I am following you, too! Just been away for ten days on various jaunts of my own. Was walking in the high desert in Utah a few days ago and noticed I got winded very quickly from the high altitude. Anyway, keep those blogs coming!

  3. I'm following you. I so loved the post about not being appreciated at your former employer!! I just resigned today! After 10 years, I'm done. Plan on walking the Camino in the Spring. Godspeed!

  4. GO SARGE!!! Best of luck to you!!!