Thursday, October 1, 2009

And well worth it, Uncle Burnham

An old family story goes like this: A poor relation came to stay with Uncle Burnham. One morning at breakfast, she was seen buttering both sides of her bread. A bit upset about this, Uncle Burnham loudly announced "Are you aware, Niece, that butter is 5 cents a pound?" Niece Whoever, in true Fitzgerald fashion, took a bite of her bread, then looked him in the eye as she responded "And well worth it, Uncle Burnham."

That´s about how I feel today. A shorter walk, but still enough to make my feet scream, and I get tossed up at some place called Cafeteria Atenas in Melide. Most pilgrims avoid Melide because the albergue has a reputation for being absolutely filthy & besides has mixed, open showers. Oh hell no. So when I asked about rooms here at this place (a sign says they can obtain rooms, not that they actually have them), the gentleman at the bar asked Con bano o sin bano? The difference is 5 Euro, so I took a habitacion con bano.

The room is spartan (ironic if you know anything about Greek mythology), but the mattress is practically new & has real sheets AND is a double, not a single, the room is spotlessly clean & the bathroom is phenomenal (compared to what I´ve been using since Leon.) No one to bang on the door 2 minutes after I lock it, claiming I´ve been in there hours & hours. No one to whine that I used all the hot fact my shower lasted 10 minutes, not 3. Ja Ja Ja. No one keeping me awake by snoring or arm wrestling plastic bags......ahhhhhh.....all this for 30 Euros?

Well worth it, Uncle Burnham.

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