Monday, October 5, 2009


Woke up this morning in Monte de Gozo feeling last night in an albergue, so of course I had to get the room with would stop & then the other would kick in....walked down to the place where they let the "albergue" pilgrims eat (as opposed to the turigrinos who take the bus who got to eat in the nice place with table service) & had a coffee with Desiree & Maria before they set off...see you in an hour or so!

Never caught up to them, but didn´t expect to. Made it into Santiago, all whopping 4 clicks, in about an hour & a half. Stood there in Plaza Obradoiro & couldn´t believe I was actually there. Got lost trying to find the pilgrim´s office (some yellow arrows might help---hint hint). The line wasn´t so long so I thought everyone had gotten their compostela already. There was some discussion about how to write my first name in Latin (Being a completely Irish name, it has no Latin variation), then "Congratulations," loads of tears, & then back out the door to figure out what the heck do I do now?

Went out in search of a hotel & found one, then got directions to the hospital where a doctor looked me over & sent me on my way. Fitzgeralds have hard heads, apparently.

Then back to the hotel & OMG, it´s Mark & Tracy from New Zealand!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! I´m running in to all kinds of people now. Can´t wait for tomorrow when I go get the stuff I mailed to myself back in August, then off to the Cathedral for the Pilgrim´s Mass & to buy my train ticket to Madrid.

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