Thursday, October 8, 2009

Who was that on the Camino?

Here is a story told to me & others at our hotel by 2 women from Quebec who were walking the Camino Frances:

They were walking in the dark, about 6:30 in the morning. It was very dark & foggy (Galicia is like that) & they couldn´t see anything beyond the small lights cast by their head lamps. As far as they knew, they were the only ones walking the Camino.

All of a sudden, they smelled something like perfume (and believe me when I say that you would not mistake the usual smells of Galicia for anything resembling perfume). They couldn´t figure out where it was coming from.

Soon, they saw the figure of a man walking ahead of them. Was he a pilgrim? A local? A good person or bad? They didn´t know & began to worry. One woman said he was wearing a white shirt & had dark hair. They didn´t know whether to say anything to him, but as they began to pass him, he said "Buen Camino," as all pilgrims should do when greeting each other on the pathways. So they calmed down....he was a woman turned to say "Buen Camino" back to him & noticed that she couldn´t see his face.

They passed him & for several minutes were climbing a hill. When they got to the top, they noticed that the there were 2 paths to take & no markers to indicate which was the Camino & which wasn´t. They looked around for a waymark or a milestone for several minutes, but couldn´t find one, so they just stood there. Soon the man in the white shirt came up & lifted his right arm, indicating that they should take the path to the right. As they gathered their poles to begin walking again, they turned to say "Gracias," but the man & the perfume smell had disappeared.

They never saw him in a bar or an albergue & no other pilgrims said they saw a man meeting that description.

So, who was that on the Camino?

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